Careers Programme Information

Career Guidance at St. Hild’s

In December 2017 the Department of Education published a new strategy for Career Guidance within schools: Career Strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents.

We at St. Hild’s believe that our Careers Programme encompasses this statement, ensuring that every child has bespoke Career Guidance.

We offer impartial Career Guidance to every pupil. We understand that needs and requirements can be very different and so we strive to tailor make our Career Advice to each and every child.

Our aim is to create confident, rounded young people who have a clear career pathway; understanding the goals they are required to reach at each stage of their educational journey.

From Year 7 onwards our pupils will undertake various activities and events designed to raise aspirations and deliver skills necessary for the world of work.

Pupils will undertake visits to Colleges and Universities, work with Business volunteers, attend assemblies, presentations, Career Fayres and enjoy workshops on Finance, STEM, Employability Skills and Enterprise.

Year 11 pupils will take part in Higher Education workshops including; Myth Busting and Student Loans.

All pupils will undergo a Careers Interview each year they are with us to ensure that, by the end of Year 11, they are future ready. Year 9 and Year 10 pupils will have group interviews with our qualified Careers Adviser, Mr Stocks, which will be followed by one-to-one interviews in Year 11.

At St. Hild’s we feel it is essential that the correct career pathway and progression route is chosen for every one of our pupils, this could be apprenticeships, vocational courses or A levels. Each of these options is discussed with pupils to ensure informed choices are made.

All pupils are encouraged to speak with Mr Stocks if they require support or information regarding colleges, careers or ideas for the future. One-to-one appointments can be pre-booked or simply coming along to the Careers Office inside the Library during drop-in sessions at break and lunchtime. Parents and carers are welcome to join their child during pre-booked meetings and parents evenings.

If parents have any queries regarding Further Education or Higher Education please contact Mr Stocks on 01429 273041 or email at:

Local Colleges / Training Providers  & Information Links

Careers Programme – Evaluation & Monitoring

To understand that the events and activities delivered within our Career Programme are suitable and fit for purpose, it is essential that they are evaluated regularly.

The Programme must engage pupils and provide the necessary facts that are both meaningful and informative.

To ensure that this is the case staff, pupils and volunteers complete an evaluation after each event. These are collated and formed into a report. The report is then shared with Mrs Gibson, head teacher and the Governing Body.

Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance activities are monitored throughout the year with pupils’ involvement being recorded on a matrix.  This evidences our Programme is being delivered to all pupils and at a glance highlights which students have taken part in what activity and in what year group.

Photographic evidence of the Programme is shared with parents/ carers via the school’s website and the annual Careers Programme newsletter.

Annually all students are surveyed with regard to their CEIAG knowledge.  This survey highlights how successful the CEIAG Programme has been delivered over the year and how much information pupils have retained.  This record is kept in pupil CEIAG files and compared to the previous year’s survey to establish gaps in knowledge and where repeat information needs to be shared.

Feedback is absorbed and may be used to modify the event in future ensuring it is tailor made for our pupils.

Employer Engagement

At St. Hild’s Church of England School we are continually developing our links with local employers.

Research has proven that 4 or more meaningful encounters with employers increases the employability of pupils by 86%.

Our pupils have the opportunity to experience workshops, assemblies, presentations, mentoring and activities all supported by business volunteers.

The programme planned allows pupils to discover knowledge of different careers, different pathways they can chose and the reality of a working life.

If you are an employer and would like to become involved with supporting our pupils please call the school on 01429 273041 or contact the Career Lead, Mr Stocks at

It is our desire to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 5: encounters with employers and employees, and so all of our pupils must have involvement with employers at least 7 times between Years 7-11.

Statement of Entitlement for every Pupil

The world of work is always changing and you can expect to have several different jobs during your career journey. It is therefore vital you acquire skills to manage your own career development.

St. Hild’s Church of England School will support your career journey and encourage you to aim high to achieve your goals and aspirations.

You are entitled to impartial client centred guidance from professionally qualified Careers Advisers. St. Hild’s Church of England School employs its own Careers Adviser. Throughout your 5 years at the school you will have timetabled one-to-one meetings with them which will include information, advice and self-study programmes to help you make informed choices about careers and higher education plans.

Careers Guidance Interviews may take place during the teaching day. However they may also be available during lunchtime or after the school day. These can be pre-booked or available in an ad-hoc drop-in basis.

St. Hild’s Church of England School recognises the importance of accurate and up to date careers and higher education information. You will have access to a full range of information and college prospectuses in the school library. There are links to colleges and career on our website.

You will have the opportunity to visit workplaces and undertake mock interviews with our business partners.

CV workshops and support with completing application forms will also be available. We arrange a series of further education and some higher education visits.

You and/or your parents/carers can arrange to see our Careers Adviser at consultation and open evenings. Parents/carers can also be present in one-to-one interviews offered in Year 10 and Year 11.

St. Hild’s Church of England School guarantees Career Guidance support for every pupil tailored to specific needs. Ensuring current and up-to-date information is understood. Enabling everyone to make relevant and informed decisions about their future career pathway.

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