Staff Contacts



Miss H Akhtar Senior Science Technician
Mr J Anderson Teacher
Ms K Bailey Director of Learning (English)
Miss N Barnes Head Teacher’s PA
Miss R Bertram Specialist Learning Support Assistant
Mr R Brown Teacher
Mrs A Brownbridge Attendance Officer
Miss L Byrne Science Teacher
Miss R Caldwell Teacher
Mrs D Cant Invigilator
Mrs L Chappell Receptionist
Miss M Chimutsa Teacher
Mrs V Coates Specialist Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Coe Subject Lead (Performing Arts)
Miss N Coles Associate Assistant Head Teacher
Mr A Cornish Director of Learning (Maths & Computer Science)
Mrs D Crannage Deputy Head Teacher
Mr G Crannage Associate Assistant Head Teacher
Miss K Cronin History Teacher
Mrs L Foster Office Manager
Mr E Garvin Invigilator
Mrs H Gate Finance & HR Administrator
Mr J Gibbon-Hayes Year & Learning Manager
Miss M Gibson Science Teacher
Mrs T Gibson Head Teacher
Mr M Gillies Teacher
Miss W Goodier Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Grundy Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Mrs H Hakansson Invigilator
Mrs M Harrison Second in Department – Science
Ms K Hockaday RE Teacher
Ms C Hornsby SENCO Lead/Teacher
Miss A Irvine SEND Administrator
Mr G Izzett Site Supervisor
Mr D Johnston PE Teacher
Mr A Jones Engineering Technician
Mr B Keightley Computer Science Teacher
Mr L Kennedy Examinations & Data Manager
Ms S Lake MFL Teacher
Mrs J Marshall-Busawon Subject Lead (MFL)
Mrs L Mason Invigilator
Ms L McDonnell Subject Lead (Creative Industries)
Ms W McPartlin Classroom Technician
Mrs J Moore Invigilator
Mrs S Moore Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mr L Morgan Year & Learning Manager
Ms W Muir Senior Librarian
Mrs M Murray Director of Learning (RE)
Mrs J Noble Attendance Officer
Mrs A Notman Teacher of PE/Academic Lead
Mrs A Ogden Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Mrs C O’Keeffe Deputy Headteacher
Miss L O’Neill Subject Lead (PE)
Mr R Oren Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Owens Lead Invigilator
Miss C Parker Academic Lead
Mrs C Parkinson Specialist Learning Support Assistant
Mrs N Porritt English SubTeacher
Miss M Rafferty Geography Teacher
Mrs S Ramsey Science Teacher
Mr D Richardson Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Ross Subject Lead (History)
Mrs R Sheikh Head of Department – Geography
Mr N Shires Specialist Higher Level Teaching Asst
Mr S Simmons English Teacher
Mr M Skinner Site Supervisor
Ms S Sotheran Year & Learning Manager
Mrs K Stainthorpe Director of Learning (Science)
Mr P Stainthorpe Invigilator
Mr L Stephenson Year & Learning Manager
Mr J Stocks Careers Lead
Mr K Strong Invigilator
Mr G Taylor Maths Teacher
Mrs A Thomas RE Teacher
Mrs D Wainwright Operations Manager
Miss M Wainwright Invigilator
Mr S Waleed Teacher
Miss P Walker Attendance Support Assistant
Mr J Wild English Teacher
Miss G Wilding Specialist Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Wilding Second in Department – Maths
Miss K Williams English Teacher
Mrs L Williams Assistant Site Supervisor
Mrs J Wilson Specialist Higher Level Teaching Asst
Mr S Winwood Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Wooldridge Senior Learning Support Assistant