Our Behaviour 4 Learning Non-Negotiables are:

  1. Be ready to learn. 
  2. Actively listen. 
  3. Engage in the lesson. 
  4. Try your best. 

What We Expect

Quite simply, high standards – we have no time for anything else.

We expect a very good standard of dress, both the main school uniform and P.E. uniform. Similarly we expect high standards of attendance and personal conduct.

Our expectations for EVERY STUDENT, EVERY LESSON, EVERY DAY can be summed up in a single sentence:

“Arrive at lessons on time, in full uniform, with the correct equipment, and then all that matters is 60 minutes of learning.”

Students who do meet our basic expectations will be well rewarded. 

Students who do not meet our basic expectations, thus affecting their own learning (and that of others) will have to face the appropriate consequence.

Basic Expectations

  • YOU MUST arrive at school (and at every lesson) on time.
  • YOU MUST ensure you have a pen, pencil, ruler and planner (All these items will be issued to you at the start of September, so there can be no excuse). Years 7, 8 and 9 should also ensure they have their reading book with them at all times.
  • YOU MUST wear the full school uniform, with each item worn properly, particularly shirts, ties and shoes. 
  • YOU MUST follow instructions given by staff.
  • YOU MUST speak and conduct yourself politely at all times.
  • YOU MUST respect others.
  • YOU MUST abide by the rules of our mobile phone policy.
  • YOU MUST NOT come to school wearing trainers or boots or sandals or flossies or creepers.
  • YOU MUST NOT come to school with an extreme haircut or brightly-dyed hair. Examples of extreme hairstyles include lines or patterns shaved into the haircut, mohicans, no-guards, dip-dyed hair, contrasting hair colours etc.  If in any doubt please contact your child’s head of year.
  • YOU MUST NOT come to school with any facial piercings.
  • YOU MUST NOT come to school with false eyelashes, fake nails, brightly coloured nail varnish, fake tan or excessive make-up.
  • YOU MUST NOT come to school with jewellery, apart from a watch and one pair of small plain gold or silver ear-studs – these MUST be removed for PE, and NO EXCEPTIONS will be allowed. Therefore, if you are having your ears pierced, we advise that this is done at the start of the summer holidays so that healing will be completed before the autumn term starts.
  • YOU MUST NOT bring chewing gum into school.
  • YOU MUST NOT bring fizzy drinks into school.
  • NO SMOKING. For many years our policy has been “No smoking”. Smoking anywhere on the site will absolutely NOT be tolerated at all.

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones must not be visible in school, and if seen they will be confiscated and we will then require a parent or carer to collect the phone from school.

Mobile phones will not be available for collection by a pupil.

The reasons for the ban on mobile phones in school are:

  • To avoid pupils being distracted from their studies
  • To remove barriers to teaching, learning and assessment i.e. to allow staff to deliver without interruptions
  • To fully safeguard pupils and staff
  • To remove the risk of damage to or theft of expensive mobile phones to reduce the potential risk of cyber bullying and misuse of social media.


All students are expected to wear full school uniform on every school day. The public impression of St. Hild’s is formed by seeing pupils on their way to and from school every day, so it is just as important to have everything right at those times as when pupils are actually in school.

School uniform consists of:

  • Black blazer with school and house badge.
  • White shirt with a formal collar, suitable for wearing with a tie. Shirt should be tucked into trousers/skirt. Top buttons should be fastened.
  • School tie – This item will be provided by the school. It should be worn correctly at all times, tied in a neat, appropriate knot covering the top shirt button. The tie length must allow the school badge to be seen.
  • GIRLS – Black skirt (Knee touch, A-line, pleated or straight  with black tights of at least 40 denier or Plain black or white socks) or trousers.
  • BOYS – Black trousers.
  • Shoes must be entirely black with no stripes, no gold or silver embellishments, logos or markings in other colours. No boots, no trainers, no sandals, no flossies or plimsoll-style footwear, no creepers.
  • Jewellery – One small plain stud earring (gold or silver) per ear is permitted. School is not an appropriate place for the wearing of any other jewellery, other than a wrist-watch. Please note that all earrings MUST be removed for PE – absolutely NO exceptions can be allowed.
  • Nail polish in natural colours and without embellishments may be worn by pupils on their own finger nails (false nails should NOT be worn).

“Pupils present themselves well, wear their uniform smartly
and are proud of their school.”
Ofsted, June 2017

P.E. Uniform

St. Hild’s pupils’ P.E. kit can be purchased from Shear Knit, in King Oswy Drive. All our P.E. kit tops come embroidered with the school’s name and logo.

The St. Hild’s P.E. Uniform comprises of:

  • Full zip training top* (girls) (outdoor)
  • Short sleeved top* (girls)
  • Girl’s shorts or skorts
  • Girl’s jeggings
  • 1/4 zip training top* (boys) (outdoor)
  • Short sleeved top* (boys)
  • Boy’s blue shorts
  • Training bottoms (boys)
  • Blue football socks (girls & boys)
  • White or black trainers

Items marked * are specially embroidered in gold with the school name.

Our minimum expectation for P.E. uniform is one top, one version of the bottoms, socks and trainers. Parents/carers may purchase as many extra items of P.E. uniform as they wish.

There are also some optional items of equipment that are permitted at the discretion of parents/carers such as football boots, rugby boots and any protective clothing such as shin pads, gum shields and support strappings. These are not compulsory for core P.E. lessons but pupils will not be permitted to play in competitive football or rugby fixtures without boots, shin pads and gum shields. Any queries can be directed to the P.E. Department via the main office.

Homework Schedule

Below you can find the St Hild’s homework schedule. 

House Heroes 

What is a House Hero?

A House Hero recognises outstanding behaviour for learning. Staff will give out up to two House Heroes each lesson and record this information on Go4Schools, so that parents/carers and pupils can see when they have been awarded a House Hero.

How do pupils make a positive contribution to the lesson and get a House Hero?

There are too many different contributions to list them all! A pupil could give a great answer, improve their work, be helpful to others or even keep trying when they have had a setback. House Heroes can also be awarded for pupils who have 100% attendance, participate in Worship, or are helpful around the school.

What happens when pupils receive a House Hero?

Each time a pupil receives a House Hero they will be entered into the termly prize draws for each year group. The more House Heroes a pupil receives, the more entries into the prize draw they will have! Although prizes will vary, examples of prizes include tickets to VUE Cinema and Amazon vouchers.

Positive B4L Points

Pupils who meet our 4 Non-Negotiables in a lesson will have their name placed onto the Positive B4L Board and will be awarded a Positive B4L Point on Go 4 Schools. Each time a pupil is awarded a point they will work their way towards earning their bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium or diamond B4L Award Certificate. This achievement will be celebrated in assembly and pupils will be awarded their B4L certificates.